The 12 Houses of the Zodiac

The 12 Houses of the Zodiac

What Do The 12 Houses Represent?

12 Houses of Zodiac [Astrology]
The Chart Layout of The 12 Houses of the Zodiac

Houses one to six of the zodiac wheel are known as the “personal houses,” they are governed by our self-image, personal habits and core values. Houses seven to twelve are known as the “interpersonal houses” which are concerned with partnerships, travel, profession and the communities we live and mix within.

What Do The 12 Houses Represent?

In astrology there are a total of 12 houses in the zodiac wheel. Each house represents a different topic covering all areas of your life, from personal growth, your relationships, your profession, money matters even ancestry. Houses one to six are known as your “personal houses” and govern your private life; self image, personal values and habits whilst houses seven through to twelve are your “interpersonal houses” concerned with the public matters of your life such as travel, your partnerships and career. Just like a clock, the zodiac wheel is divided into 12 houses and each house is ruled by a different zodiac sign. The zodiac commences with the first house moving in an anti-clockwise direction. As the planets visit each house, they light in your chart thus energizing that house’s particular traits. Astrologers use this information to predict which parts of your life you should focus on.

Let’s now look in turn at the 12 Houses of the Zodiac, explore their meanings, how we relate to them and what each one represents.

1ST HOUSE OF THE ZODIAC – The House of Identity

The first house in the zodiac wheel is ruled by Aries. This house found on the eastern horizon and containing the rising sign came to meet you at the very moment you were born. This house is all about YOU, what it’s like to be YOU, what it’s like to live inside YOUR mind, body and soul. This includes your personality, your self-image, personal appearance and how you choose to express yourself to others. It is also about others see you, as in first impressions, how you take care of yourself, leadership (are you a leader or are you led).

The first house shows how you portray yourself and articulates who you are. It is said that the planet Mercury finds absolute joy and happiness in the house of identity as Mercury more than any other planet is known to completely encompass the sign it finds itself within.

2ND HOUSE OF THE ZODIAC - The House of Income

Ruled by Taurus the second house controls your money, your income and your self esteem. This house relates to your physical and material surroundings, it is also about your senses, as in what you see, hear, taste, touch and smell.

This is the house that “FEEDS YOU”. It is the house where desire has control, are you content with what you have or do you need more. You will find safety in the second house as it allows you to overindulge, to hoard and to hide if need be.

In a nutshell, the House of Income is all about your worth, not just in your bank balance but in your own self-regard.

3RD HOUSE OF THE ZODIAC - The House of Communication

House number three is ruled by Gemini and oversees all measures of communication in your life. Whether it be talking, your thoughts, technical devices as in phones, laptops and computers.

The third house covers local travel, schools, libraries and neighbourhoods, this house is a bit like a community centre, a coffee shop and a close knit family all rolled into one. It is comfortable, homely, and familiar, plus social media lives here. This house is a place about friends especially for early childhood education, you can keep busy her, run errands even be flirtatious.

Ancient astrologers named this house the House of the Goddess due to the moon finding joy here whenever she returned from a journey. It was known as her happy place.

4TH HOUSE OF THE ZODIAC - The House of Home

Positioned at the very bottom of the zodiac chart we find the fourth house. The Cancer ruled house is foundation of the house. This is where your roots are, everything ancestral about you happens in the fourth house. This includes your where you live, your private life, your security, your parents, your mother in particular, your own children, your mothering and nurturing instincts.

Basically, the fourth house of the zodiac is the hub of the home where we focus on everything family related. We feel safe here and can create our own private space. The fourth house not only represents our beginning but also our end.

5TH HOUSE OF THE ZODIAC - The House of Pleasure

Ruled by Leo the fifth house is dramatic and creative. She relates to how you express yourself and is said to be the house of good fortune, where great things come about. The house is about love, romance, and sex. It’s also about having fun and finding out what pleasures you. Infants are a major part of this house; you give birth here but not just to a child it could be where you create new ventures and projects.

There is hypothetical uncertainty involved in the house of pleasure. It’s where you let your hair down to party, it’s where you take risks and gamble and it’s where you dare to explore your sexuality. The planet of love, Venus connects with her fertility and finds enjoyment in the house of pleasure.

6TH HOUSE OF THE ZODIAC – The House of Maintenance

The sixth house is ruled by Virgo and it’s where health and service reside. The house takes charge of your organisation, your schedules, and routines. It controls all aspects of your lifestyle; as in exercise and how fit you are, diet and how healthy you eat. This house is also being of helpful service to fellow humans.

The sixth house is the opposite of the fifth house named by ancient astrologers as the house of bad fortune. It is the house where we confront our everyday battles which could be in the form of a huge pile of admin, a daily two mile walk to work or physically fighting in a war.

The house also deals with the opposite side of a healthy lifestyle as in battling with sickness and disease. This house deals with our daily work ritual, whether you are the employer or employee you do it 5 days a week, maybe 6 and sometimes even 7 which is why maintenance and routine is the key to this house. Mars, the planet of war finds his place in this house.

7TH HOUSE OF THE ZODIAC – The House of Relationships

The seventh house of the zodiac is ruled by Libra. This house deals with all our relationships whether they be personal or business. It takes charge of our partnerships, and all relationship associated matters.

Absolutely every type of relationship you encounter in your life is represented in the seventh house, spouses, lovers, co-workers, business associates, best friends or worst enemies. Every style of contract, business negotiation and agreement even verbal ones are dealt with here.

In this house we marry. We squabble over duties, and we agree or disagree to compromise. The house of relationships is where we discover love, make commitments to others and deal with life’s challenges together for better or for worse.

The seventh house is located to the west of the birth chart and it is where the sun sets sun sets every evening therefore ancient astrologers associated death with this house

8TH HOUSE OF THE ZODIAC - The House of Debt

Ruled by Scorpio the eighth house is complicated and mysterious. Often misunderstood it is the house that rules birth, death, sex, change, problems, and bonding.

Similar to the second house, the eighth house relates a lot to money but not your own. This house deals with other people’s money and property, to include investment and inheritance. It also deals with how we cope with loss, benevolence, and the kindness of others.

If the seventh house is about relationships, then this house is where you merge your assets with a loved one or a business partner. We find loans, debts, and unearned income in the eighth house, and it’s here that we face the inevitable like death and taxes. This is a dynamic house filled with authority and power.

9TH HOUSE OF THE ZODIAC - The House of Travel

This house is ruled by Sagittarius. Ancient astrologer called the ninth house the House of God because it’s where the sun finds it joy. The ninth house is about journeys. Not short trips but long distant travel and higher education journeys. It’s about expansion of the higher mind, international languages, inspiration, optimism, university, higher education, religion, philosophy, morals, and ethics.

People with notable ninth house placements often become our teachers, professors, philosophers, and leaders of spirituality. The ninth house is not only about your beliefs, but how beliefs shape the world around us.

10TH HOUSE OF THE ZODIAC – The House of Career

The tenth house is ruled by Capricorn and is prominently positioned at the top of the zodiac chart. It is thought to be the most important house because it portrays your public image and reputation. The tenth house controls your career, achievements, and awards.

The midheaven, also known as your career point, is said to be found here in the tenth house, it is where you are visible to the whole world. People with power, fame and high achievers are represented by the tenth house. Doctors, Olympic athletes, and movie stars are found here. It is a house where we shine and gain recognition for our achievements.

11TH HOUSE OF THE ZODIAC - The House of Friends

Ruled by Aquarius and known as the house of Good Spirit by ancient astrologers the eleventh house is where you find support. This house is very social and rules friendships, teams, groups, and media. It’s a place where you can network with likeminded people and grow an audience.

Those of us with major placements in the house of friends often take on leadership roles, positions within community organisations and do well in group activities. All your goals, dreams, visions, ambitions, and aspirations can be achieved in the eleventh house. Jupiter is the planet of expansion, growth and luck and finds its happy place here in the eleventh house.

The eleventh house also governs originality, eccentricity, surprises, invention, astronomy, and all things science and futuristic related.

12TH HOUSE OF THE ZODIAC - The House of Unconscious

The twelfth and final house completes the zodiac chart. The house of unconscious is ruled by Pisces, and controls endings. It is another house just like the eighth house which is gravely misunderstood. It was named by ancient astrologers as the house of Bad Spirit, it is a place of self undoing. This house sat on the horizon while your mother was giving birth to you and represents everything that is not you, your void, your unconscious.

The twelfth house is all about finalities. The last stages of a journey or project, completions and endings. Surrendering to old age, and accepting death is imminent. This house also associates itself with separation from society, prison, mental institutions, and hospitals.

Saturn known as the planet of structure and solitude finds its joy here in the twelfth house. The lesson we learn from the house of unconscious is that there are some things we cannot control Sometimes our best option is to is best to wave the white flag, surrender and retreat.

YOUR HOUSE CHART - Generating your individual natal birth chart

The astrological houses in your natal chart are rooms where your placements reside. Based on the date time and place of birth everyone has a unique birth chart and our own unique house layout.

This is based on your rising sign also known as our ascendant. The ascendant is where the sun was on the horizon in relation to where you were on the planet at the exact time of your birth. So, using your date, time and place of birth an astrologer is able to produce your unique birth chart.

The simplest and fastest way to generate a birth chart is by using an online website that takes your information and does the math for you. When you receive your chart, it is important to study it carefully to help you to understand yourself better and learn what makes you tick. Then use the information for all aspects of your life whether it be your career, relationships or where you choose to live. It will help you decide which path to take when it comes to when make life changing decision. What are you waiting for!

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