Palm Reading Lines: A Beginner’s Guide

Palm Reading Lines: A Beginner’s Guide

What do our palm lines mean? Your questions answered.

Palm Lines Reading: A Beginners Guide
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There are Five Palm Reading Lines: The first is our Life Line. Then the Heart Line also known as the Love Line. Then the money line otherwise known as the Fate Line. The Head Line is next and finally the Marriage Line which modern palmists call the Relationship Line. Each Line indicates and corresponds to a different trait.

What do our palm lines mean?

Life Line: Relates to our health and physical vitality

Our Life line appears in the form of an arc around our thumb area. The curve shaped line begins between our index finger and thumb and finishes near our wrist. This line reflects our physical vitality and our health, it has no connection to what age or how long we will live for.

Heart Line: Relates to love and emotion

Our Heart line is the horizontal one which runs across the very top of our palm. It begins just below our index and middle finger and continues across to the edge of the palm below our little finger (pinkie). This line tells us about the relationships we have with spouses, partners, friends and ourselves. It relates to our emotions and feelings. Palmistry tells us that the depth of the line shows the depth of the love and affection.

Money Line: Relates to our career and fortune

Also known as the fate line, the money line covers our profession and wealth. It starts from our wrist and goes up towards our middle finger. A person is said to be self confident and have ambition if the fate line and life line start at the same position. Some money/fate lines split into two or more parts which suggests the person will have several career changes during their life. A short line indicates the person will cease working prior to retirement and two money/fate lines suggests two separate jobs or careers at the same time.

Head Line: Relates to our intelligence and mentality

Our head line begins between our thumb and index finger and runs to the other side of our palm. It appears as a division line between the two sides of our palm. This line determines mentality and intelligence. Depending on how long, thin and clear the line is reflects one’s concentration abilities and how smart we are. A shorter line is an indication that we will achieve physically rather than mentally. If the line tends to have a large arc this would indicate creativity in the person.

Marriage Line: Relates to our married life and relationships

This line reflects marriage and relationships of the romantic kind, it is a complicated one. It is usually a short line which starts directly below our pinkie (little finger). Some of us have just one line here but some of us several and palmists read the most prominent one.

Two equally prominent lines can indicate a love triangle, several lines with no prominent one indicates an unhappy marriage or relationship. A short shallow line suggests the person will marry late or not at all.

However sometimes the marriage line is a little longer. If this is the case and the line stretches to the ring finger it suggests wealth and friendship from the spouse’s close family, any further than the ring finger suggests a negative impact to wealth and reputation in the marriage/relationship. If the line is very long and reaches as far as the pinkie finger this suggests the person has extremely high expectations from a marriage or life partner.

Any presence of a circle on the marriage line would suggest a temporary separation or the couple living apart for a period of time. And if the marriage line divides into two below the little pinkie finger this could indicate and end to the marriage or relationship.

Child lines - Can palm reading predict how many children you will have?

Child lines are found just above the marriage lines. Ancient palmistry said the number of lines told how many children you would have however the number of children that parents have is determined by a combination of both parent’s palm lines and their desire to have a family.

Having a long pinkie finger indicates good health and good luck and for the person’s children. It also suggests a good relationship with your children plus a high chance of having both sexes as your children. Having a short pinkie finger indicates you are highly likely to only have girls.

Modern day palmists agree that child lines don’t necessarily relate to the number children we physically have, instead believing that child lines can indicate children you feel a deep bond to, adopted and fostered children, nieces, nephews, step children and grandchildren.

Therefore, child lines do not have to represent whether you will be a parent, but instead show one’s desire to nurture.

What do our palm lines signify?

Palm lines differ in depth and colour from person to person and each of us have our own unique palm print. Palmistry enables us to use the folds and creases found on our palms (which we know as lines) to build our story and predict what may lay ahead of us.

The meaning of each line is determined by its length, depth, and curvature. The depth and darkness of the line indicates your stability. For example, a deep heart line indicates that emotionally you are strong and resilient, but a much lighter line indicates vulnerability and sensitivity. In the same way depth and colour of our palm lines have meaning the length and curvature of the palm line also provides us with information. Insight is also gained depending on where each line begins, ends, crosses, and meets with others.

Left or Right - Which palm should we read?

The rule of thumb says the left hand relates to your potential and the right hand relates to what you choose to do with that potential.

We have two hands and unless you are ambidextrous (two handed) we all have a dominant hand. This hand reflects the conscious part of you, the image you portray to the world and how you develop and grow as an individual. The other hand, known as your passive hand, defines the inner you. This hand defines your emotional personality, underlying talents and natural instincts.

Therefore, to gain a detailed reading both hands need to be read. Comparison of the left and right hand shows a complete picture of the person.

Do our palm lines change?

Our palm lines may deepen throughout our lifetime and new lines may appear, but our main palm lines remain the same at any age.

Females and Males - Which palm should be read?

Palmistry experts believe that for females, the right hand is the one you are born with, and left one indicates what you have amassed during your lifetime.

For males, it is the opposite. They are born with the left hand and the right is what they have amassed.

Science or Pseudo Science – Do our hand lines mean anything?

A believer’s view: The practice of palmistry can reveal much about our life and personality and our palm lines can predict our future

A sceptic’s view: Sceptics believe that the lines on our hand are just creases formed by movement which assist us when stretching and squeezing our hand.

Scientists refer to our palm lines as creases, but science proves these lines they are not formed when we fold and stretch our hands.

At just twelve weeks old the lines on our palms are present in an unborn foetus. Between seven and eight weeks of gestation the life line is formed, quickly followed by the heart and head line between nine and ten weeks of gestation. However, the muscles needed for movement are not formed until the eleventh week of gestation and hand actions do not begin until the twenty third week. Our nerve endings, needed to stimulate muscles form the same time as our palm lines so are present long before the foetus is able can voluntarily move its hand.

If our palms lines were caused by folding through stretching and bending why do people who do inactive jobs have more lines than manual workers who ultimately use their hands all day in their profession and yet they tend to have fewer lines. Plus, the majority of us have more lines on our passive hand than we do on our dominant hand. Surely if so called “creases” were caused by movement the dominant hand would have more.

However, palmistry is considered to be a part of physiognomy. This is the pseudoscience that relates traits to our physical appearance.

Is it true that palm reading is fake or a hoax?

Not intentionally, no. The reading of our palm lines is based on long held ancient traditions. 

How accurate is palm reading?

The result of a palm reading is not set in stone, instead it gives us an opportunity to develop and grow into the best that we can be and to choose the right path to achieve our life goals.

Our fate is not determined it is merely indicated but with determination we can change your fate.

Remember that your palm lines and your life can both over change over time. Reading our palm lines enables us to visualise the positive and avoid the negatives ahead. Every day is a new dawn bringing us a fresh chance to control our own destiny.

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